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        Operation precautions of dust removal equipment in furniture factory
        Precautions for operation of dust removal equipment in furniture factory: generally, in the first few filter cycles after the use of clean fabrics, the deposited dust removed by dust removal is more and less, and less and less in the future. After a period of time, the residual dust after dust removal will reach approximately constant value.
        1. The power consumption is large and uneconomical.
        2. The resistance exceeds the large value of the ventilation system design, so the ventilation can not meet the needs.
        3. After the dust accumulates on the filter bag, the pore becomes smaller and the air passing speed will increase. When it is increased to a certain extent, the "pinhole" will be produced in the dust layer, so that a large amount of air will flow through the pinhole with small resistance, forming the so-called "air leakage" phenomenon, affecting the dust removal effect.
        4. The resistance is too large, and the filter material is easy to be damaged. Therefore, in the process of using the bag filter, the dust accumulated on the filter bag must be removed by some kind of square dust (even from the perspective of dust collection, the dust collected on the filter bag must be removed before collection). However, in general, there are still quite a lot of dust left in the pores of the fabric after ash removal. From the perspective of residual resistance and time after ash removal and damage to the fabric, it is uneconomical to do so. Moreover, after ash removal, at the beginning of the next filter cycle, the residual dust can also play a considerable role in dust collection, so ash removal does not need to be thorough.